Is Soy Good or Bad?

The Soybean

Ah yes, what a question!  I had done a fair bit of reading on this subject after first becoming aware several months ago that soy may not, in fact, be the miracle food that it’s supporters have been claiming pretty much all my life.  At first I was convinced that it was absolutely horrible and we were all being slowly poisoned in the name of monetary gain.  Then I read some more and decided that perhaps it was only certain kinds of soy that were horrid.  Then, I did even more reading and declared soy the devil once again.  About that time a family member told me how soy milk had completely relieved her of her menopause symptoms, and I was forced to rethink the issue.  My current opinion is that soy, in and of itself, is not a bad food to eat.  However, moderation is key when considering any type of food, and that is something that soy has not been very well subject to.  Soy is in EVERYTHING!  From cereals to meat and dairy substitutes to many many packaged products to soaps and cosmetics, soy is ubiquitous.  Someone figured out that soy may have some health benefits and suddenly our society is being bombarded with soy in just about everything we eat, and that’s the reason that we’re seeing problems now.

See my Links for more information about soy and to read the competing viewpoints that are out there concerning this controversial little bean.

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