RAVE Recipe Challenge

215 recipes, 203 days.  It’s all part of my attempt to thwart human nature (specifically, lack of will) and change my diet forever.  I’m going to make all of the recipes in the back of the book The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle before my 30th birthday.  The recipes use whole food ingredients and omit salt.  This is a pretty big change for me (especially the no salt part), but I figure it will be more difficult to go back to old eating habits if I’m constantly making such healthy recipes!  I don’t want my good intentions to all go down the drain after a few weeks like they always have in the past.  Here goes nothing….



I ended up abandoning my goal to make ALL the RAVE recipes before a certain time, mostly because I realized I was limiting myself in regards to recipes and blogging creativity.  The truth is, there are many other non-RAVE recipes out there that are also delicious and healthful that I wanted to try.  The good (no, GREAT!) news though is that the original purpose of the challenge for myself was accomplished!  By being so crazy strict with myself at the beginning, I have consistently maintained healthier food choices.  There have been a few ups and downs, but for the most part my diet in 2011 has been much much more consistent as far as eating whole vegan foods than it EVER has been before!   Don’t worry, I will still post my favorite recipes from the RAVE book from time to time, as well as other wonderful recipes from a variety of sources.  If you’d like to try more RAVE recipes for yourself, BUY THE BOOK!  It’s definitely worth reading for yourself!


Click the titles below to see how each recipe turned out and to try to best ones for yourself!

RAVE Recipe #1- Lentil Bulgur Pilaf

My husband and I both rated Lentil-Bulgur Pilaf a 5


RAVE Recipe #2- Baby Poop Smoothie

Smoothie #1We renamed it Baby Poop Smoothie!

My husband rated Smoothie #1 a 4 and I rated it a 6.

RAVE Recipe #3- Spinach Barley Cakes

My husband gave Spinach Barley Cakes a 6 and I gave it a 7.

RAVE Recipe #4- Curried Sweet Potato Soup

This recipe got a 7 from my husband and an 8 from me!  Click the title to get the recipe (hey that rhymed!)

RAVE Recipe #5- Polenta-Stuffed Peppers

My husband gave this recipe a 7 and I gave it a 6

RAVE Recipe #6- Cornbread

My husband gave it a score of 6 and I gave it a 5

It tasted pretty good, but the structure was crap

RAVE Recipe #7- I Can’t Believe It’s Not Kiwi Smoothie

Smoothie #10, renamed “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Kiwi” because it really did taste like it!

My husband rated this smoothie an 8 and I rated it a 7.

Tastes Like Kiwi, but isn’t!

RAVE Recipe #8- Aristotle Was Wrong Smoothie

Smoothie #7, renamed because with such a delicious list of ingredients, we were sure it would merit a 10 (The whole is more than than the sum of it’s parts).  However, it only got a rating of 8. It’s still delicious, though!  Click the title above to get the recipe.

Sadly, the whole is not more than the sum of it’s parts…


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