Documentary Review: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

*Recently, my husband and I watched two documentaries: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and Food Inc. We were so inspired and informed by them and I’d highly recommend them to anyone (both are available on Netflix instant play!).*

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead chronicles the journey of a man from Australia, very overweight and stricken with a chronic disease.  He decides to go on a fresh fruit and vegetable juice fast for 30 days while he tours the United States talking to people about their diets.  He has a great accent, by the way!  The first half of the documentary shows his dramatic and amazing transformation.  He actually drives around with a juicer in the back of his car and juices as he goes!  The second half focuses on the even more amazing changes that occur in a man he inspires to follow in his footsteps.  I absolutely LOVED seeing these men take charge of their lives and transform from sick, hopeless, lifeless creatures into energetic, happy, and healthy individuals right before my eyes!  Very inspiring!  My husband and I bought a better juicer after seeing this and are now juicing almost every evening.  When you see what wonderful changes occur when these men simply begin to fill their bodies with naturally-occurring nutrients and stop eating animal products, empty calories, and processed junk, the relationship between nutrition and health will take on a whole new meaning for you.

2 thoughts on “Documentary Review: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

  1. My husband and I also watched the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead via Netflix last week. We were INSPIRED to say the least. We ordered the juicer that Joe Cross used in the documentary and will start juicing this week. You know it has to be healty when Joe lost 100 lbs, got off all medications and feels great! I am also having a documentary party with three friends to watch it again so they can see about juicing also! I’m hyped about this documentary and how it can revolutionize the way we think about food.

    • Myra, I’m so excited about the way Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is changing your life! I love that you are sharing it with friends too. I think that people who have been inspired by things like this really need to speak up about it. One thing that struck me about the documentary was just the general lack of knowledge about what a healthy diet is, accompanied by a shocking attitude of apathy displayed by a lot of the people interviewed. People are killing themselves with food and either don’t know it or don’t care!

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